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Many people find discussing who we want to make our decisions for us should we become unable to do so, or who we want to inherit our assets when we die very difficult and may put it off until the choice is no longer theirs to make. Planning allows you to take control with these important decisions should you become incapacitated, needing assistance with your with medical decisions, your finances, and how you want your assets distributed when you die. Not planning means that the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and not you, controls who will make the decisions for you and how your assets are distributed. Delaying this important opportunity to prepare for the future when we pass away, or when we are mentally incapable of making important decisions, means losing control over your medical and financial decisions. This results in time, expense, and stress on your loved ones during a difficult period.

At Tennyson LNC, we work with you to help determine the estate plan that is right for you, giving you the control to make the important decisions on who you want to make your medical and financial decisions and how you want your estate to be distributed. Whether you have a small or modest estate, our New Bedford estate planning lawyer can evaluate your situation, listen to your concerns, and prepare an effective estate plan which addresses your needs and protects your family members.

Our firm handles the following types of estate planning cases:

Benefits of Estate Planning

Estate planning means preparing how a person’s assets and financial obligations will be distributed, managed, and preserved after death or he/she becomes incapacitated. Assets are often comprised of property, motor vehicles, bank accounts, retirement funds, life insurance, valuable collectibles, and debt. Individuals often create an estate plan to provide for their surviving spouse and children, preserve the family wealth, fund children and grandchildren’s education, answer important decisions in the event of an emergency, or donate their wealth to a charitable cause.

The following are the benefits of creating an estate plan:

  • Provide future care for your immediate family
  • Ensure your assets goes to the right heirs or beneficiaries
  • Minimize your expenses and taxes
  • Outline your wishes for funeral arrangements and set aside funds for your family to carry them out
  • Prepare for mental or physical incapacity and save your family from making difficult decisions
  • Determine the personal representative or trustee with your estate
  • Support your favorite cause
  • Peace of mind that your family is protected

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