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Many people are under the misconception that wills are only for the wealthiest percentage of the population. While wills are important for wealthy individuals, they can benefit virtually any person in any financial situation. A will is simply a way to express how you would like your assets handled after you pass away. If you pass away without a will, it is up to the state to decide how your assets are distributed. At Tennyson LNC, we can help you ensure your affairs are in order so you can relax knowing that your assets will be handled the way you prefer.

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What Is Included in a Will?

A will is customized to your individual situation and needs. Usually, it lays out the various desires and wishes you have in regard to the time after your passing. Working with a legal professional is advised to ensure that you do not miss anything and that all of your wishes are addressed clearly and without question. Our New Bedford Wills Attorneys want to ensure that your will is legal so that it can withstand any possible dispute.

A will may be used for the following uses:

  • Naming a personal representative who will administer your estate
  • Naming the people who will be the recipients of your estate
  • Naming a person to be the guardian of your minor children
  • Naming how your assets will be handled

Professional Legal Help to Achieve Peace of Mind

New Bedford wills lawyer Christine Tennyson is here to protect your assets and your wishes. We want to help you prevent having your loved ones wrapped up in legal problems after you have passed away. You can rely on us to take the appropriate measures to protect your best interests.

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    Attorney Tennyson offers tailored, compassionate guidance for each client to help make the process easy and effective.

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    Christine Tennyson Attorney at Law has extensive experience in the medical profession, so you know you're in good hands.

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    Our Attorney has more that 15 years of experience in the legal field, and had L.L.M. in health policy and law.